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3 min readDec 20, 2021

A brief of Netcoincapital

Netcoincapital is a blockchain firm founded to strengthen the world’s new blockchain system. This coin, known as NCC, attracted a variety of investors during its AirDrop period and eventually entered the world’s first tradable exchange, COINSBIT, on August 2, 2021. Introduced the original paper as well as a revised version known as Black Paper. On the other side, a specific fund has been formed for members of this project to conduct various transactions with NCC digital currency, which may generate revenue for the project’s participants.

Netcoincapital has already finished the first step of its road map, which includes AirDrop and entering the first exchange, and is now moving on to the second phase of its project. The company’s wallet will be offered first in this phase of the project, followed by the blockchain that has been launched under the name of Azgard in the team’s black paper, Existing blockchain systems should be reduced. However, due to the structure of the blockchain, it may be utilized as a platform for decentralized applications, even with greater display graphics. The card system can be employed in the project’s next steps. Another consequence of this blockchain technology is the Silk Gateway, which is a digital currency payment gateway designated after certain credit institutions.

Netcoincapital has decided to incorporate artificial intelligence into another discipline of computer science and programming, taking into account the needs of the user, due to the complexity of programming projects in many languages used in this field. This programming language, which can be integrated with the Asgard blockchain technology to build a blockchain-based operating system that is entirely decentralized, will be able to do the programming code automatically using a very simple user interface.

Previously, This company has also conducted research in the field of programming, among which we may name source code linked to difficult linear algebra calculations, which is one of the services given by this company to programmers in the high-level Python language.

Because of the creation of blockchain, Netcoincapital’s programming language and proprietary operating system will continue to be developed to leverage the blockchain operating system, which is the first step toward powerful processors and the utilization of power. This firm is developing a greater computational mind, a processor that, instead of using metals to process data, will use combinations of metals and specific chemical compositions to process data at a higher rate than present systems.

another goal that can be achieved Netcoincapital Group examined the development of special devices based on proprietary processors and the blockchain operating system, announcing that these devices could be similar to today’s smartphones, laptops, and tablets, with the exception that Blockchains are completely decentralized and have higher processing power on the platform.

Allocation of NCC token

15% of the total total supplement token was distributed in the market for free in the airdrop stage until the initial stage, ie introducing the product to the audience.

In the pre-sale of tokens, we managed to sell 10% of the total token, with the capital raised in this sector, we prepared the company’s infrastructure for the implementation of future plans and began to develop projects.

2.5% of the total token is intended to be presented to exchange offices in order to have some control over the market at the beginning of entering the market.

Another 2.5% is intended to provide the best consultants in the marketing and marketing sector

The remaining 70% is in the hands of the development team because the NCC is considered as the central currency of the entire NetQueen Capital ecosystem, and any new projects that are presented in the future will inject a portion of the ticket to turn the technology into a new project. Be



Netcoincapital Official

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