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Does small or big role matter? Anyone who puts all his energy into his position will benefit by reaching the goal.

In this article, we are going to introduce you the eigenvalues and eigenvectors which play a very important role in many applications in science and engineering.Eigen is a German word which means characteristic.

They have many applications, to name a few, finding the natural frequencies and mode shapes in dynamics systems, solving differential equations , and so on. Even the famous Google’s search engine algorithm — PageRank, uses the eigenvalues and eigenvectors to assign scores to the pages and rank them in the search.

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Let the matrix A apply to column vector x, that is Ax, is a linear transformation…

In some researches in the field of use of nanofluids in mass transfer, it has been reported to increase and in some cases, decrease in mass transfer has been reported.

The purpose of this paper is to conduct a thorough and complete research to investigate and analyze the role of magnetic field strength and direction on the adsorption process by a magnetic nanofluid (water and iron oxide nanoparticles), a non-magnetic nanofluid (water and alumina nanoparticles) and a base fluid without It is a nanoparticle (deionized water). …

In this article, we will discuss how we solve a systems of equations when it has unique solution. We will discuss some of the common methods that you often come across in your work in this section. And in the next section, we will show you how to solve it in Python.

Consider a system of linear equations in matrix form, AX=y, where A is an n×n matrix. Recall that this means there are nequations and n unknowns in our system. …

Numerous problems in engineering and science can be described or approximated by linear relationships. For example, in finance,physics,biology and other form of sciences. In fact, it is difficult to think of any science or engineering field in which relationships of these kind are not fundamental.

The study of linear relationship is contained in the field of linear algebra, and this article provides a basic overview of some fundamental linear algebraic concepts that are important for scientific computations. …

This article tries to examine one of the important aspects of this action. It has passed and been able to achieve various standards to be introduced on the tron blockchain platform, but one of the most important things for any token in the digital currency community are the holders of that currency.

On the other hand, exchanges with this currency are another important point, so in a simple conclusion, it can be said that being recognized by the international community and building trust among the people and the field of digital currencies is something that must be achieved .


Netcoincapital becoming an accelerator in the field of technology startups

Accelerators are a collection of investments in new businesses and ideas that with management activities, marketing, and raising capital at the beginning of the activity can help the project very effectively and small businesses in less time. Achieve their planned goals The large technology-based network (Netcoincapital) (NCC), which today has its place in blockchain technology, intends to help startup projects in their growth process by being one of the major global accelerators. Continuing this news, we will have a brief look at the definitions of these words.

What is an…

Netcoincapital manufacturing team built a megatrend with the goal of entrepreneurship, earning money and working in the field of innovative hardware technologies and software. The main field of activity of this megatrend is fintech and artificial intelligence, and its field of activity is in the blockchain area.

The main building block in Netcoincapital and the dream city of its construction team is to create the best tools to achieve a stable yet relatively high income.

In other words, netcoincapital is a startup whose main field of activity is the production of digital currencies. …

In the turmoil of today’s world, the place of human beings is not determined by other people. In the past you were whatever you were, if you were a slave you would be a slave and if you were a prince you would be a prince.

But in the present period, the position of each person is determined by the person himself. It does not matter if your father is a worker or a factory owner, you can become rich or poor overnight.

In our time, ordinary people miss the life of the prince, but the prince relinquishes his position…

1- Bitcoin is the safest possible form of money!
I do not know who first told this lie and where? Perhaps a few years ago, when people did not know bitcoin, a marketer made this claim and then it became popular. The claim is something like this: “There is only one account in the bank and it can be stolen by hacking it. But Bitcoin has millions of head offices around the world. Information stored on the computers of people around the world. So if someone wants to steal bitcoins, they have to hack all the computers in the chain, and…

When a new idea comes to you, there will be a long way to go from the idea to the implementation and profitability of your idea. In the meantime, things happen that may lead to the death of your startup, while having the necessary knowledge to deal with problems can prevent this.

We share our experience with you from previous startups, so be aware if you encounter similar problems. We share our experience with you from previous startups, so be aware if you encounter similar problems.


1- You have to study every day.
2- Follow the news in your field of…

Netcoincapital Official

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